School Administrators and Counselors: Add Events, Track Hours, Create Reports

You will no longer have to worry about finding charitable venues for your students to complete their community service hours. You will have an organized, detailed and easy to navigate website full of not-for-profit charitable positions. Charitable Hours is designed to simplify the process of a student's community service hour requirements.

Coordinate and Track

Search our comprehensive database of volunteer opportunities and your own school; find volunteer jobs based on interests and location; enter opportunities for your own school; and students get email reminders when they commit to a job.


Print or Email reports to students, parents, or your state's Department of Education and easily print certificates for students.

Secure and Safe

All organizations are vetted by Charitable Hours before being accepted and all data is securely stored. Charitable Hours will not sell any of the data it receives — no exceptions. And although students can see contact information for organizations, they cannot see student information unless they sign up for an event.

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